Daewoo DIB-110 (85AH) Low Maintenance Deep Cycle (For UPS/Solar) Battery Price in Pakistan

  • Daewoo DIB-110 (85AH)
  • Daewoo DIB-110 (85AH)
Rs. 13,900
Deep Cycle Technology for UPS/Solar | 85AH
  • updated on May 3, 2022

Daewoo DIB-110 (85AH) Specifications

Dimensions (mm)

401 x 171 x 234 (L x W x H)

Ampere (AH)


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Daewoo DIB-110 (85AH) Main Features

  • Longest Back-up time - Equipped with longest back up time due to maximum deep discharge rate
  • Low Maintenance Battery, Minimum hassle of checking and filling electrolyte throughout its life time
  • Longest Life - Comes with the longest life with the highest number of discharge cycles
  • Improves corrosion resistance by reinforcing the thickness of the grid
  • Sustains power for longer

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